Walks Around Trimley St Mary

Please note; that at the Trimley St Mary village hall (Welcome Hall), to the left of the Mariners public house on the High Road, on the right hand side as you enter the drive on the wall there is a fresh water tap to refill your water bottles and a dog bowl for your four-legged friends.


Nature notes for Trimley St Mary

Trimley St Mary Gazetteer


Blofield Track Combo (1.4m/2.5km) [Press]

Candlet Track combo (2.9m/4.16km) [Press]

Railway ramblings combo (4.6m/7.45km)[Press]

Extension to railway ramblings combo (1.7m/2.73km) [Press]

Fagbury viewpoint Combo (2.25m/3.62km) [Press]

Fringing Falkenham and Felixstowe combo 4m/6.4km) [Press]

Keepers cottage combo (1.5m/2.4km) [Press]

Meadows and woodland wandering combo (1.8m/3km) [Press]

Nature reserve route combo (6.5m/10.5km) [Press]

Trimley historical trail combo (3.2m/5.1km) [Press]

Six bridges combo (2.9m/4.6km) [Press]

Walton Way combo (3.2m/5.1km)[Press]