.Trimley Parish Council Climate Action
To raise awareness of the climate crisis and encourage residents to consider their carbon footprint
and make changes in their lifestyles to reach Suffolk’s target of Net Zero by 2030

1) Inform, educate and change behaviours of residents, businesses and the wider community,
in order to make the changes needed
2) Build resilience within the community to counter the adverse effects of climate change
3) Work towards a safe environment by radically reducing emissions and becoming carbon
neutral by 2030

1) Improve the energy efficiency of the Welcome Hall. Obtain an EPC and take advice.
2) Work towards energy efficient homes. Look at insulation schemes and renewable energy
supplies to existing homes. Warm homes Suffolk will provide retrofitting to vulnerable
households. Ensure new builds are built to high environmental and energy efficiency
3) Encourage residents to change their behaviours and use less energy.
4) Change street lighting to LED ( I do not know the current status on this)
5) End our reliance on fossil-fuelled personal cars, vans and goods vehicles, with more shared
transport and fewer journeys
6) Promote a walking and cycling culture. All new developments should demonstrate a safe
cycling network to connect the estate and the local schools and Felixstowe and Ipswich.
Upgrade the cycle lane through the village and encourage residents not to park on it.
7) Encourage people to use less air travel
8) Install an EV charging point in the village
9) Promote grow your own and using local farmshops
10) Encourage healthy personal lifestyles based on maximising use of local produce, with lower
red meat and dairy consumption, more fruit and vegetables, to reduce imports of food and
to support our local farming economy
11) Support resource initiatives involving public awareness campaigns, educational action etc.
which reduce consumption and wastage and increase recycling and recovery rates.
12) Encourage residents not to buy single use plastic items, recycle where possible and aim to
reduce all waste in particular grey bin items to reduce waste ending up in landfill.
13) Introduce litter picking schemes.
14) Encourage biodiversity of our flora and fauna to protect our pollinators and sustain a natural
environment for crop production.
15) Encourage sustainable farming locally