Blofield Track BR12-Temporary Traffic Lights

Three Councillor Vacancies still to fill, why not volounteer!

Green Bin collections return to normal

Your parish council's response to the East Suffolk Council's  proposed changes to the LOCAL PLAN

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And here, unusually, is the response from Bidwells to our reponse to ESC on the local plan changes


Your councils response to the

Howlett Way  planned development

Changes to bus timetable



Live Parish Council Meetings are cancelled for the moment but you can join us for online meetings.

( Unlikely to be the only one cancelled this year)

Next meeting in September watch this space for details

FELIXSTOWE HELPING HANDS - all ready to help...

The role of this group is to provide a place where the Felixstowe community can offer help to those self-isolating, or where those needing such help can let us know. Everyone taking part needs to adhere to Government safety guidelines. Organiser is Felixstowe Councillor Darren Aitchison 07479 556736

Please remember this is a local response to the needs of the community during a difficult time. Obviously your first point of contact should always be your usual network of family, friends and neighbours but this group is a safety net for those who need help in Felixstowe, the Trimleys, Kirton, Walton and Falkenham

AS FACEBOOK USERS** please contact Felixstowe Helping Hands through this site:

Felixstowe Helping Hands

• REQUESTERS should advise via Facebook of their need and general location eg, Old Felixstowe, Town Centre, Seafront, Morrisons area etc
• Flag any urgent requests by changing the background colour of your post (we will try to monitor all requests but it might prove challenging)

• VOLUNTEERS will then respond with offers of help
• The REQUESTER can choose who to ask for help and then private message them to arrange details (try to choose someone you know of personally and/or who lives in your general location)
• Please remove the post once someone has responded to your need (to avoid duplication and/or very long threads of conversation)

** Non-facebook users will be able to phone the coordinator on the mobile number on the card and we will match REQUESTERS and VOLUNTEERS

We may evolve the above as we learn to become more efficient - Please bear with us we are just volunteers ourselves and we are just trying to help people in our community.

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Local Community Response






The Village Action Plan

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Hanging Coffee - what's this about??

Explanation      Who, in Felixstowe, is participating


Councillor Vacancies! 

We now have FOUR councillor vacancies so, if you feel you would like to  contribute in any way then please contact our clerk on 01394 285193 or


Parish Allotments

Currently, there are no spare allotments to hire but if you would like to take advantage of when one becomes available you can add your name to the waiting list by contacting our Field Secretary, Tricia - Phone 670084  or email at


School Service to Woodbridge and Otley College


Felixstowe-Ipswich train/bus timetable


Coach Times to London, Stanstead and Heathrow