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 Parish Allotments

The Parish Council are trustees for some land, known as Town Field, behind High Road adjacent to Eagle House. This Charity of Ellis Kindge was originally established in 1876 and the land has been divided into a number of allotments for some years. Although there is currently a  waiting list, allotment plots do become vacant from time to time. If you are interested in joining the waiting list for an allotment to rent, please contact

Field Secretary, Tricia - Phone 670084 or email trimleyallotments@gmail.com


Priority is given to residents of the parish of Trimley St Mary and the standard allotment rent is only £22 per year


Parish Trusts

The Parish Council are trustees of two ancient charitable trusts, known as the Poor's Allotment Trust and the Charity of Ellis Kindge, which can help people in financial difficulties.These trusts date back to the nineteenth century and were created for the relief of the poor, well before the introduction of the modern welfare state.In recent times, the trustees have received very few applications which fall within the strict criteria set out in the original trust deeds, so whilst respecting the original purposes of the trusts, the trustees are attempting to broaden their scope in order that the funds may also be used to support projects which benefit the village as a whole.This is not an easy or a quick process, as it involves obtaining the permission of the Charity Commission, but in the meantime the trustees are keen to ensure that the trust funds can be used to assist those who are deserving of support.If you consider that you may be eligible for assistance from these trusts, or are aware of other residents of Trimley St Mary who may be in need, the trustees would like to hear from you, and application should be made to the Clerk to the Parish Council.The trustees meet in private and all requests will be treated in strictest confidence.