Agreed Policies

The council has adopted a set of policies which provide a basis for its day-to-day activities and guidance for making decisions.


  • Distribute questionnaires to residents on important issues
  • Produce a newsletter as and when thought prudent
  • Maintain an informative & active web site
  • Make effective use of Parish notice boards

Local Planning

  • Resist building on green field sites
  • Support the need for a small amount of affordable housing
  • Support the need for additional sheltered housing
  • Retain the separate identities of the Trimley villages from each other and from Felixstowe
  • Retain the rural setting of Trimley St Mary village

Planning Applications

  • Check for impact on neighbours & street scene
  • Seek to retain properties suitable for first time buyers
  • Resist any developments to south of railway line
  • Resist any developments to north of A14


  • Retain station buildings
  • Encourage cycle networks
  • Seek to reduce volume of traffic through the village
  • Oppose HGV traffic Liaise with user groups
  • Maintain & improve public transport
  • Protect rural nature of village


  • Only donate to causes that benefit residents of the village
  • Consider each request on individual merit


  • Opposed to proliferation of permanent street signs and advertisements